Monday, June 25, 2018

7 facts about nudists and nudism

Nudism and nudists are two of the most misconceived subjects when lifestyle and dating are discussed. While some people consider nudists to be quite the wild lot, for some others nudism is a level of freedom they are reluctant or“too reserved” to explore.

Most misconceptions are forged because people do not have enough facts to set the record straight about a subject – and seeing as we are quite knowledgeable about nudists and nudism, we have compiled an article detailing 7 facts about nudists and nudism.


Nudism makes money

Compared to the global apparel industry which generates some $1 trillion per year, the nudist industry which includes nudist resorts, clubs, beaches, and more generates some $400 million each year. And while this divide is wide, nudism does make money!

Nudism before clothes

Seeing as clothing has become quite rampant, it is difficult now for people to imagine a world without clothes. However, clothes were only invented some 30,000-70,000 years ago – and in stark contrast to what it is today, clothing was used mostly for protection against the cold weather.

Before clothes became such a big deal, ancient Greek Olympics used to be performed completely naked – oh and sometimes, the Greeks went into battle completely unclad – and yes the won so many battles. Totally naked!

Romans were in on the action too with nude public baths. Even Americans like Benjamin Franklin, John Quincy Adams, John F. Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt, and Lyndon Baines Johnson.

Nudist children

Nudism is more a way of life than it is a life choice. For most people, the misconception that nudism is age specific makes them oblivious to the fact that nudist children exist.  Nudism is not innately about sex – and with an estimated 50% of the nudists globally below 18, nudism is far from being age-specific!

Nudist celebs

Celebrities and their fans have a leader-follower relationship seeing as many celebrities are considered role models. The fans tend to imitate their favorite celebs. And with famous actors and musicians like Helen Mirren, Uma Thurman, Kevin Bacon, PJ Harvey, Bruce Willis, Celine Dion, Matthew McConaughey, Alanis Morisette, Kate Hudson, Brad Pitt and Christina Aguilera joining the #nudegang,

Nude sports

While nudism during sporting activities makes a nudist far more vulnerable to genital injuries, nudists still get on just fine with water skiing, tennis tournaments, hiking, 5K races, badminton, ping-pong, and even nude yoga.

Nudists do not‘do it’ everywhere

The misconception that nudists are sex-crazed and open to doing it everywhere is one of the most belligerent nudism misconceptions.

Needless to say, this is absolutely untrue.

In fact, one of the primary rules of non-sexual nudist clubs or resorts enforces the prohibition of any exhibitionist and voyeuristic practice.  Flouting these rules could have a guest or even a member expelled.

So technically, a non-sexual nudist resort is pretty much like every other public setting – only, they are nude!

All nudists have great bodies!

This misconception is often used to discourage nudist enthusiasts.

The facts, on the other hand, show that nudism is centered on body positivity.
Nudism is open to all kind of body types, shapes, girths and sizes. Nudism appreciates toned muscles as well as flab.

Nudism is no beauty contest!

Well, here are 7 simple facts about nudists and nudism that you probably didn't know about!

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