Wednesday, September 27, 2017


A nudist is a person whose lifestyle is based on nudism (being completely stark naked) he is an individual who prefers to be in state of undress whether in within the confines of their house or otherwise. It is a state of being without cloths. It is sometimes referred to as naturism, nudism etc.

A nudist prefers to go about naked or cloths-free. He is not shy being naked in public places like a non nudist will be. There are some categories of persons who choose to go completely naked within the confines of their homes either alone or with members of their family.  This could be occasional or frequent and the most important part is that they enjoy doing so. Although they are called nudist, they may not be 24/7 naked as they are sometime sighted with cloths.

The nudity lifestyle has been practiced in diverse ways by many cultures all over the world. In western society nowadays, the act is most performed in the act of bathing, sauna and in swimming pools. It is very difficult to tell when exactly it started and where exactly it emanated from.  From facts gathered, nudists, naturalists engage in diverse activities like swimming, camping and karaoke and while they do this, they are completely naked.

Although the act is usually referred to as nudity or naturism or, the fact is that nudity is actual nudity while naturism is the philosophy behind it. Their philosophy is centered on the belief that they will be much more comfortable if they will live their life the way they want it without any obstruction or fear.  In their bid to get physical comfort, self acceptance, getting closer to nature, they decide to do what they do. Unlike a lot of people who spend so much on what they wear, a nudist is usually on the opposite side, focusing all his time money and exploring nature. They believe that it is a more natural way to live.

The naked yoga is one of the activities that nudists engage in, since being naked enhance this. There is this “wonderful feeling that accompanies yoga when those that are involved are naked”. Apart from the naked yoga, nudists also involve themselves in naked hiking.  Although hiking may not be associated with nudity, there are several nude hikers in existence.  Although many nudist hikers do wear boots, the braver once go as far as ones go barefooted.

Nudists are normal people; they are like you and me. Because they sometimes go naked, there is this erroneous perception that lesbianism, homosexuality and sexual harassment is somehow associated with them. No this is an error. They fact that people smoke doesn't mean that they are bad. It's a lifestyle so personally if I find someone who is a nudist and is ok caring enough to love me and accept me the way I am, then I am very sure that I will date him. Although I am personally not a nudist, I am of the opinion that their lifestyle should be respected.

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