Friday, March 24, 2017

How to Meet Nudist Partners Online

Even in the more diverse and accepting world of the 21st century, connecting with people with similar interests that are slightly “off the beaten path”, such as finding a nudist partner, can be more challenging. However, the internet is an amazing tool to solve this problem, if you know what you are looking for and what to watch out for.

First and foremost, keep in mind that with any purpose that brings you to the internet to meet new people, always use extreme caution. Sites that bring nudists together can be a wonderful thing and lead to opportunities and acquaintances that would never have been possible otherwise. However, keep in mind when looking for your nudist partner that not everyone is forthcoming and honest with their true motives when online, especially in regards to the nudist way of life which is often misunderstood and misinterpreted.

There are two main ways to go about meeting other nudist online – chat forums or groups and nudist dating websites. Although both of these can be found with a quick Google search, not all of them are going to be of the same quality and as successful.

Nudist-centered forums can be found all over the internet, the key is to find a site that matches your needs and looks decently legitimate and, before signing up, searching for the site and any reviews on it that you can find. According to (which offers an in-depth review and analysis of everything from site traffic to its speed to its user rating) gives (a chat forum / dating site for nudists) an overall user rating a 91%. With a score this high and so much information offered on it, chances are this site is a legitimate and a potentially successful option for meeting others that share the splendor of the nudist lifestyle.

Another destination for chat-based networking is Facebook, and the good part about using them as a middleman is that you know their site is secure. By starting a new group on Facebook dedicated to meeting and/or dating fellow nudists, you can reach a vast audience, and control the security settings, as well. If you don’t feel like being the one in charge to organize the group, just do a quick search, there are already tons of nudists groups up and running on Facebook!

Another option to find a specifically romantic partner is to go to dating websites. For these, the same process should be conducted in finding reviews (unaffiliated with the site itself) before signing up. This can save you a lot of aggravation and junk email in the long-run.

Two of the sites that pop right up are and A preliminary search into both of these sites indicates that they both do exactly what they claim – connect nudists! Each have a basic, user-friendly interface that you input similar information as you would a regular dating site and it does a search for potential matches.

While boasts right on their homepage that they are free to use, there are features later on that require a fee to be paid. I would be wary about spending money on these sites. Although they can be decent resources to finding friends and connections, there are so many other options that require no money to use, that spending cash on them is not worth it.

After diving further into reviews of both of these sites and nudist dating in general online, one conclusion kept coming up that using dating sites are not as successful nor as safe as trying to make connections through verified and well-used sites such as Facebook. Starting a group or a page that brings people of like interests together is safe and secure through this social media sensation.

Just to remind everyone again, please be careful when going onto any of these sites, even Facebook especially with the intent of actually meeting people beyond the computer screen. Although meeting others online, for any reason, in 2017 is not quite as taboo as it once was, it can still be dangerous. Remember to do your research of whatever site you choose and always be cautious and aware.

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