Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bare it all Florida Beaches

Florida is a south-eastern state of the United States near the Atlantic Ocean. Tallahassee City is the State Capital. This state has about 1350 miles of Coastline & climate is always subtropical to tropical. Because of the climate, beaches, Walt Disney World, business prospects, and culture, it is a very populated State with residents as well as tourists all the time.

The Miami area is Florida's most populated urban area. One more reason of Florida being famous is the Naturist or Nudist places to bare it all.If you are looking for Nudists in Florida, you can find them on beaches, resorts and you can connect with them through Naturist organizations & Clubs.

The Nudist Beaches in Florida:

Haulover Beach is one of the few legal places & the pearl of Florida's naturist beaches. This half-mile stretch of white sand attracts thousands of visitors every day, making it not only one of the top nude beaches in Florida but also in the world. It's certainly the best-known and oldest officially recognized public one. The location is on a wide strip of sand north of Bal Harbor &centrally located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. This Beach is ranked among the Top 10 nude beaches in the world.

Blind Creek Beach has what might be considered the next best thing in legal standing. While not really legal, this stretch of Hutchinson Island has long been the Treasure Coast's recognized gathering place for nudists. Blind Creek is a basic beach meaning that people have to bring food, water and anything additional they need including a shade if they want to get out of the sun for some time. There are no restrooms or lifeguards, either.

While not technically legal, Playalinda remote stretch of beach in the Cape Canaveral National Seashore has become a favorite nudist hangout. The beach is not much developed yet and relatively unknown, except by nudists groups, making it perfect for avoiding the crowds that gather in more popular sections of Playalinda. Apollo Beach, at the northern end of the park, sits in Volusia County and has a designated clothing-optional section. There are more such beaches mainly private, which you need to explore through the club membership, newsletters, and event announcements.

Nudist Resorts in Florida:

While Caliente Tampa is not on a beach or swimmable lake, it offers a large Vegas-style pool filled with party-minded people, the way you will find at any nudist resort in Florida. The other popular resorts where clothing is optional area are Paradise Lakes and Lake Como Family Resort. There's the rustic allure of the Suwanee Valley Resort in White Springs and Hidden Lake in the Panhandle. There are family-friendly Lake Como in Lutz, family-run venues such as Cypress Cove, outside Kissimmee.

Naturist Organizations, Clubs & Societies:

AANR, American Nudist Research Library, Bare Friends of Central Florida, Bay Bares, Belanger Farms, Boynton Beach Naturists Society, Camp David, Casa Alegra, City Retreat, etc. Most of these groups have their own newsletters also to know about the parties and special events.

Enjoy your stay as a nudist in Florida!

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