Monday, March 28, 2016

Top 5 Best Nude Beaches In The U.S.

When you think of the phrase “nude beach,” you're not likely going to think of places in the United States, right? You're most likely thinking you're going to have to pull out your passport and make a trip to one of the many places in Europe that don't seem to have a problem with nudity.

But if you're short of the money required for a vacation across the Atlantic, never fear. There are places around the U.S. that have managed to secure spots where people can bare it all without risking arrest. So if you've a mind to try at least going topless, here are five prime spots that have earned several mentions across the Internet

1. UFO Beach: South Padre Island, TX
This beach is so named because of the rather UFO-shaped rescue capsule that drifted ashore back in 2010, which has now been decorated and painted. Normally, South Padre Island might not be the place for you overall if you don't like crowds, but the small spot that's reserved for clothing-optional sunbathing and swimming is worth checking out—even if you just want to see the “UFO.”

2. Lighthouse Beach: Islip, NY

Situated in the shadow of New York City, this clothing-optional spot has one spot in the center portion of the beach where you have to be clothed just to go from the east side of the beach to the west and vice versa. The reason being is that many school trips to the lighthouse itself are scheduled during the day, and the kids have a bird's eye view of that part of the beach. Since acceptance of nudity on the beach is hard-won in this country, most people are willing to cover up temporarily—just so teachers and parents won't complain and thus the clothing-optional privilege be denied to would-be topless bathers. If you don't mind a little temporary coverage just to walk from one side of the beach to the other, and you're in the NYC area during the summer, this might be the place for you.

3. Gunnison Beach: Middletown, NJ

This beach has been disputed as the best nude beach in the country, and is part of the Jersey Shore area. In fact the area's motto is “Life's Short, Play Naked.” The good part about this beach is that the folks who frequent the place are more or less average, figure-wise, so even if you're not a total gym rat who has ripped abs from here to there, but are still reasonably fit, the people here will likely not bat an eyelash if you decide to “drop trou” right along with them.

4. Collins Beach: Sauvie Island, OR

Believe it or not, Collins Beach is actually an inland location on the Columbia River, not too far from Portland. In order to get to this place, the last leg of the trip is down a quarter-mile stretch of gravel road, but it's worth it, especially if you bring your own cooler full of drinks and other goodies. Considering it's something of a remote spot, you're less likely to be gawked at than if you went someplace a bit more “touristy.” Granted, you might want to go in the peak of the summertime, given the nature of the Northwest climate, but for the introverted nature-loving nudist who doesn't like being around a lot of people, this might be the place to get your nature fix on while swimming around clad only in what Mother Nature gave you.

5. Haulover Beach: Miami, FL

Like South Padre Island, Miami is probably one of the most populated cities for “spring-break”-like events. But unlike many beaches in Florida, this one is famous for being clothing-optional, and you might actually find quite a few Europeans having a holiday here, the place is that well-known among nude sunbathers and swimmers. Because this area is somewhat heavily populated, you're actually in walking distance from the many hotels in the vicinity. Because this is Miami, of course, the weather is ideal for going topless.

Attitudes About Nude Beaches In The US

Thanks to the efforts of the AANR, or American Association for Nude Recreation, the nude beaches that do exist in the country have managed to stay open, despite the interests of developers or other non-nude interest groups. We have yet to become quite as open and accepting of nudity as Europe, owing to the still-potent religiously Puritanical line of thinking that runs throughout the collective American psyche, but because attitudes are changing about a lot of other controversial subjects, and because quite a few Europeans have come to Miami's shores—at the very least--perhaps we will see more nude beaches on this side of the Atlantic in the decades to come, let alone overall shedding of shame about nudity in general.

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