Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Miley Cyrus Gets Naked Again

Whenever there is news of a celebrity that relates with nudity, there is always a buzz in the nudist community. Stripping off for the sake of fun or for a social cause isn't considered as living a nudist lifestyle. People who belong to the nudist community have often condemned these actions, especially for the single nudists.

In an interview with the Rolling Stones magazine, Miley Cyrus apparently called herself ‘kind of a semi-nudist’. However, there were no serious comments from the nudist community. It is assumed that naked people are now so accustomed to seeing her naked that they have stopped commenting on her actions.

Miley Cyrus is now regarded as a nudist celebrity by some. Daughter of 90s Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus began her career as Hanna Montana. While she was largely popular as a Disney star a few years ago, things changed drastically as she grew up and made a mark in the music industry.

She has not only featured naked on the Rolling Stone cover but also in the video of her single Wrecking Ball. That's not all; she also performed in nothing but a mesh dress with nipple pasties. It is believed that this started with her ‘twerking’ performance at the VMAs, where she accompanied Robin Thicke of Blurred Lines fame.

According to nudists, Miley Cyrus has been tainting the reputation of nudists and people who enjoy being naked. “Being named is not always linked with sex and sexual interactions. Just as people like to wear clothes, we like to stay naked. And, we do not interfere with other people. In fact, there are separate locations exclusive to nudists where we can head over to have some fun under the sun and interact with nature,” said nudist Jimmy, who often visits nudist resorts and nude beaches with her wife and kids.

The principle of nudism revolves around the idea of oneness. People from the nudist community believe that everyone is equal, regardless of color, race and religion and when the person has no clothes, there is nothing that can differentiate two individuals. “Although, it is evident that Miley isn't scared of stripping it off, the addition of an element of sensuality gives a very negative message,” Jimmy added.

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