Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Will Dating Naked return for Season 3?

The buzz surrounding reality TV show ‘Dating Naked’ hasn't subsided after all. According to reports, Vh1 has renewed Dating Naked for a brand new season – season 3. However, the report doesn't state any time frame for the show to make a comeback on national television. It is also believed that the show has already started casting and the process is likely to complete in a few days.
Vh1 telecasted the finale of Season 2 of Dating Naked on September 16. Although there is no official statement on when the next season of the reality TV show would start airing, it can be said that the show would be back on the fall of 2016. The previous seasons of Dating Naked were aired during summer and did pretty well. Besides, the new cast would be well prepared to make their big debut on national TV by then.

Instead of introducing new and random couples, the previous season made a few changes to its format by following just one girl and one guy throughout the season. Each week, the primary contestants on the show assigned a ‘keeper’ to be together on the island for another week while they still went on dates with new people. The changes did work but following the same format wouldn't help the next season gain more followers.
Another Nudist TV shows on the cards?

According to unconfirmed sources, various channels in the United States and Australia are gearing up to produce a show exclusive to nudist singles. While details on this are still awaited, it can be said that it does seem to be a great idea, given the sheer number of people who wish to open up to the nudist culture but don't seem to find a reliable platform or they're too hesitant to face the camera without clothes on.

According to a survey conducted by a popular nudist dating site, around 23 percent of people prefer staying naked indoors, given there is no one around. The stigma attached with the nudist culture also prohibits people from doing what they like. The United States has a lot of nude beaches and people are free to be naked there. However, it is this hesitation that makes them very reluctant.

TV shows that highlight nudism and shows it in a positive way would certainly make a huge difference on the perception of people from across the globe. This would make people understand that nudism isn't about sex but rather about the joy of living in your birthday suit. Equality, regardless of color, race, sex and social status, is the primary principle that nudist singles adhere to.

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