Thursday, July 16, 2015

Things you should know before cruising naked

Naked cruising is not a new concept although there are very few people that are actually aware of this. Nudist and non-nudist are both welcome to participate in it. While you might think that being naked with around 2000-3000 people would be awkward, in reality it isn't. It is in fact a very pleasant experience when you know there is no one to judge you and every person isn't bound by any materialistic boundaries.
On the other hand, there are a lot of people that avoid getting onto a naked cruise and have a plethora of questions about this concept. This article aims to clear all the misconceptions and show them the truth behind cruising naked.

You can be naked on any part of the cruise: Being on a naked cruise doesn't mean that you can be naked all the time. You can strip it all once you land into international waters. You are expected to remain dressed when you're approaching the coast. The reason being In addition to this, the dining areas too are clothing-optional.

You're expected to use towels while sitting: There are a few unwritten etiquettes that nudists and followers of the nudist culture are known to follow. As a matter of fact, naked cruisers are barred from sitting anywhere without a towel. This is just because of basic hygiene and most cruises would be happy to provide clean towels to guests.

kids-free: While naked cruises have a lot of differences, there is one thing in common – they are free of any kids. It is not that they're against children getting exposed to nudity; it is only because people opting for cruise trips wish to get away from the monotony and daily mundane tasks of taking the responsibility of kids.

They're very welcoming: It doesn't matter if you're new to the cruise or are a regular traveler, it also doesn't matter if you're a single nudist or with your partner, they prove to be very welcoming. While you might freak out given that fact that every person would be naked, you'd find no awkward stares or rude comments. According to the American Association for Nude Recreation, about 30 percent of nude cruisers are first-timers.

The cruise is cool with you being naked: Convincing the cruise liner to head on a voyage with all naked cruisers is a different thing and bringing aboard crew that is cool with it is another. In fact, the human resources department trains crew members on how to deal with these guests, without making things awkward for them. They're also trained to interact naturally without being rude.

Nudist cruises aren't not about sex and plain nudity. They are way more than that. There could be nothing better than being in your birthday suit under the sun with absolutely no restrictions or inhibitions.

Try nude cruise could be the best way to understand the nudist lifestyle and you will enjoy a wonderful and relaxing experience.

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