Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The New Generation of Nudists

Young nudists from across the globe are looking for different ways to explore naturism and are ditching the traditional nudist beaches. The Young Naturists America headquarters is located in the North American continent on a secluded island that is exclusive to nudists. Founded by an Israeli and his fiancé that moved to the New York City, after the stint in the Israeli defense forces, this place attracts nudists from all corners of the world.
The Young Naturists Organization also organizes a naked movie night where people who follow the nudist lifestyle can bare it all and watch movies. This event focuses on tolerance, acceptance and help in building a positive nude body image. Sex and seduction are no where related to this event. At most of the larger events that attract a lot of people, huge screens are set up where nudists can undress discreetly.

There is a couch set up in place of seats that you'd find in a traditional movie theatre. This is where you can enjoy all the latest movies in the most comfortable way possible-naked. Naturism is said to be way more than nudism. While nudism is just about handing out naked, naturism covers exploration and a lot of other parameters about tolerance and acceptance. Experts believe that the primary difference between the two is the state of mind.

Naturists, as opposed to nudists claim that naturism is about ideals and values; respecting nature and the environment they're currently in. The current generation has managed to determine a perfect difference between nudism and naturism and there are separate places that cater to different audiences.

In fact, it is worth stating that some of the nudist resorts in the United States are now managed by the second or even the third generation of nudists. For instance, the New Jersey Naturist Resort Rock Lodge is run by the family's third generation. The family has expanded the business in a strategic manner and boast of all the amenities that you'd find in a resort for non-naturists.
There was a time when naturism and the clothing-optional culture was looked at with suspicion and raised many an eyebrow. However, things have significantly changed and nudism bears a complete different look. Today, nudism is attracting a fancier and perkier audience. This new generation of nudists meets in neighborhoods of the New York City, at clothing-optional art galleries and meditation centers dedicated to people that follow the nudist culture.

These events are targeted towards the naked-friendly youngsters that prefer participating in bicycle rallies or marathons. In case you're looking for something more interesting, the second annual “Mud, sweat and boobs” event is sure to grab your attention, many nudist friends, nudist families and nudist singles participate in this nudist event. However, before you choose to bare it all, it is important that you have enough information about the nudist laws prevailing in the state.