Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The National Gallery of Art in Canberra that offers naked tours is a must visit for nudists

Have you ever dreamt of taking naked guided tours of a National art gallery? Have you ever dreamt of meeting nudists (surely some single nudists also there) at National Gallery of Art? Well, this has now become a reality, thanks to renowned artist Stuart Ringholt. The national art gallery situated in Canberra, Australia now gives its visitors this amazing convenience that no other art gallery in the world does.

The tours began in the month of April and have been said to attract a lot of people not only from Australia but across the globe. The first three 50-person guided tours that were to be lead by Stuart Ringbolt were sold out in just one day. While nudists believe that this has given them the opportunity of being what they are in places that are accessible to a wider audience.

It is worth noting that this isn't the first time that Stuart Ringholt has held such naked tours at prominent places. In the past too, he has got naked with art lovers and people have loved this trend. Previously, he let a guided tour at the Museum of Contemporary Art at Sydney. Ringholt believes that a guided tour of the Turrell's retrospective at the art gallery would allow the naked body to be exposed to a wide spectrum of colors.

“Nudity frees the spirits. It is educational. Education through feelings”, he said. This time around, it was the university that approached Stuart and requested him to conduct these tours. It is also worth noting that Ringhold had earlier put forward this proposal. Turrell's work in the field of nudism grew after a nude audience got an opportunity to view one of his “perceptual cells” in Japan.
However, no other audience had the privilege of experiencing Turrell's work in this way. This is the first time that an audience would experience this art collection while being absolutely clothing-free. Tours of various artists have been offered at the Leopold Museum in Austria as well as the El Segundo Museum of Art in California. Ringholt also said it was his dream to arrange a nudist tour at the National History Museum in New York.

Whether is not this dream would turn into reality is yet to be seen but looking at how things have been going on for this out-of-the-box, a lot of nudists believe that the tour is certainly on. While innumerable artists in the past have tried their best to arrange such tours, they have successively failed citing permissions from government bodies and local authorities at the museums and art galleries. 

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