Thursday, May 21, 2015

Experience at a nudist wedding

The concept of nudist weddings is catching up from people across the globe, especially those that prefer the nudist lifestyle. While we all know about nudist clubs and specialist resorts where nudist couples, nudist singles as well as nudist families head out on vacations, the idea of a nudist wedding is a relatively new trend, which is likely to grow in popularity in the near future.

Basically, nudist weddings are those that may include the bridal party, and/or the other guests in nude. Participants at a nudist wedding are committed to the nudist lifestyle or are looking for a wedding that is different from the rest. The wedding couple might be nude while the guests have the have the option of wearing anything or opting to remain naked through the wedding ceremony.
The United States of America is home to around 270 nudist clubs, some of which serve as locations for nudist weddings. There is a misconception that nude weddings are just for the same of fun and may not be held authentic in the eyes of law. The wedding is absolutely legal and is held in the presence of a priest and all the members of the family. It includes traditional flowers, accessories and veils, music as well as food. In other words, it is just like any other wedding, minus the clothes.

In China, the concept of nude wedding has a very different implication. In this part of the world, a nude wedding refers to a simple and low budget affair, which doesn't involve purchase of any extravagant things such as a house, car or even wedding rings. In this regard, the term doesn't refer to physical nakedness. It has nothing to do with nudism.

There has been a significant rise in the number of nude weddings with the growth of naked recreational practices. Today, there are various naturist organizations in different parts of the world that encourage people to practice nudist lifestyle. According to the American Association of Nude Recreation, which was founded in 1931, nude recreation grew at a staggering rate of 75 percent in the 1990s. The current value of the industry is pegged at $440 million.

Why have people started to prefer nude weddings?
Nude weddings have become fairly popular among people who follow the nudist form of lifestyle. These individuals choose to ditch clothes on the most important day of their lives primarily because they don't believe in superficial beauty. They firmly believe that beauty lies within and any designer attire shouldn't make a difference to that. It is this ideology that has attracted even non-nudists and given them the encouragement to try something out of the box.

Nevertheless, a vast majority of people feel that being naked is fine as long as they're confined within closed doors. Making it public is something they find unacceptable.

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