Friday, April 3, 2015

Wedding Idea for Nudist Singles

The idea of nude weddings is slowly gaining acceptance, thanks to the increasing popularity of the nudist culture and their beliefs. Every person participating in the wedding part is nude, including the couple as well as guests. Rather than a complete nude setting, these events are clothing-optional thereby giving them the flexibility to choose whether they would like to try something different. While nude weddings have taken place throughout history, the first of its kind was documented in Elysian Fields, California in 1942.

There are about 270 clothing-optional clubs in the United States, some of which serve as locations for such weddings. The growth of nude recreational practices has had a direct impact on the popularity of nude weddings. According to data issued by the American Association for Nude Recreation that was founded in 1931, nude recreation grew by as much as 75 percent during the 1990s.

According to estimates, this association has grown up to be a $440 million industry. It is worth stating that the AANR was valued at $120 million in 1992.
Is a Nude wedding different from any other wedding?

A nude wedding is not very different from a traditional wedding, except for the fact that it is based in a nude setting. These weddings can include traditional flowers, music, veils and all kinds of accessories. Apart from this, you may also get to taste some traditional food at these weddings. All the proceedings of these weddings are conducted by an official and legal requirements are to be fulfilled as in the case of any other wedding. Not only for nudist singles, everyone can try this out if you and your partner interested in nudist lifestyle.

World's largest nude wedding

The year 2003 witnessed the largest nude wedding in history. The event took place in the Caribbean island of Jamaica and saw the wedding of 29 couples at the same time. The wedding was organized on Valentine's Day and was held at Hedonism III in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. Apart from local couples, there was a couple from Russia, one from Canada and also an American Indian from the crow tribe.

Indeed, this event was considered as the most successful nude wedding in history that was set in the backdrop of mutual harmony.
While there are a lot of people that are against nude weddings, people belonging to the nudist culture certainly beg to differ. Nudism preaches the ideologies of mutual harmony and oneness. They believe that if one can engage in naked recreational activities, there is certainly nothing wrong in following this culture on the most important day of their lives.

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