Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Widower plans to set up nudist colony in his garden

We all need a group of friends with whom we can be ourselves and pursue interests without any kind of hesitation. But one man from Southmoor is has taken this in a more literal sense. 72 year old John Weston is an avid naturist and hopes to have found a way by which he could be friends with other nudists that wish to explore the nudist culture.

John had been a active member of the nudist society but had stopped participating in their local events following the demise of his beloved wife Margaret. However, after watching the documentary on the Naked Village on Channel Four, he has garnered the required inspiration to get back to nudism and pursue his interests more actively.
John Weston has been suffering through thrombosis, which has resulted in walking disabilities. This is why he wants to establish a tiny community of dedicated nudists where they could spend some quality time and make new friends. Mr. Weston looks forward to completing this project by the end of this year as he feels bored and usually spends his time watching television.

He longs to get involved in an activity that he loves the most, which is to interact with other nudists. John also clears the air surrounding his controversial decision to turn his garden into an activity area exclusively for nudists. He says that this isn't about forceful nudity or sex. I am only inviting people that are interested in the nudist culture to come together at a common place. There could be nothing possibly wrong in this.
It is all about comfort and associating it with sexually is certainly not the right thing to do. Members of the nudist community follow certain principles and sexuality isn't their only agenda. They are friendly people are love having fun. The best part about the nudist culture is that these individuals do not discriminate others on the basis of sex, age, race, ethnicity and any other parameter. According to them, every person is equal and has to be treated with dignity. In fact, this is one reason that has pulled a lot of people from across the world to following its principles.

Weston's wife Margaret died of lung cancer in 2009. John confesses that she wasn't a fan of the nudist culture but had absolutely no problems with him following it. Mr. Weston has been an avid naturist for over 36 years. The father of find often finds himself stigmatized by family and friends who say that it's time to get over this insanity. John begs to differ and claims that nudism is now an inseparable part of him and getting rid of it isn't possible. In fact, he encourages others to pursue it too.

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