Monday, February 2, 2015

The Naked Village of Spielplatz

We're sure that you might have thought about this but this news would certainly come as a surprise. According to reports, the residents of a village named Spielplatz in HertfordShire love being clothing-free. In fact, they do everything completely naked. Although you wouldn't have to go around naked to live there, but you'd certainly feel out of place.

Experts believe that this village accommodated Britain's oldest naturist colony. It is a well known fact that naturism originally began in Germany. Soon, the idea of naturism spread across Europe and people began to accept it. In fact, the popularity of the nudist culture can be owed to the beliefs of this community. Naturists believe that an individual should not be discriminated on the basis of color, caste, race and other physical attributes.
People belonging to the naturist community are known to accept every person and encourage others to stay away from any sort of discrimination. 82 year old Iseult Richardson, whose father had founded the village, says that people in the village live absolutely normal lives. In fact, they do not feel the absence of clothes. Swimming, household chores, and drinking at the local pub is all done naked here. She also says that visitors to this area never get upset about their clothing free lifestyle. Indeed, they have become acquainted with people living a clothing- free lifestyle.

According to reports by The Mirror, property developers intend to build a multi-million pound housing estate in the Naked Village. It remains to be seen how the residents of the village react to this development. On the other hand, some people residing in this village insist that getting naked should be a mandatory condition for visiting Spielplatz.

There are a lot of nudist villages in parts of Europe and Mexico. However, this is for the first time at a naked village in Britain has garnered the attention of the local media. It is worth stating that public nudity is considered as an offence in Great Britain. Nevertheless, there are a lot of hotels and clubs that nudist singles can visit in order to socialize with other nudists. Furthermore, the nudist village is another option that you may want to explore.

Britain's oldest naturist community has become so popular that it has been covered in a documentary made by More4.


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