Sunday, December 21, 2014

Is nudist colony the same as a nudist community?

A nudist community, referred to as the naturist community in European nations is said to be an intentional community comprising of naturists or nudists who choose to live together on a permanent basis. People who are a part of this community have a thorough understanding that no clothes would be worn and that they would follow all the unwritten rules on the nudist community.

The term nudist colony, on the other hand was once a term given to nudist communities, especially among the non-nudist population. Most naturists from across the globe do not prefer being associated with this term due to its negative implications. Despite the increasing popularity of the nudist culture and their open-mindedness, it has been noticed that people continue to remain skeptical about their ways of living.
On the other hand, those who aren't aware of this culture treat it no different than exhibitionism. The objection to the term ‘nudist colony’ is due to the following reasons:

The term nudist is regarded offensive in the European nations. It is said that the terminology signifies lack of family oriented cooperative philosophy. Nevertheless, these implications don't seem to be applicable in North America.

Another reason as to why the term ‘nudist colony’ is considered offensive is it has always been associated with authoritarianism and imperialism, which makes it politically incorrect to use.

Nudist colony is a name often given to leper colonies, which is a place for the undesirables.

The usage of a few terms is very different in France. In this part of the world, many cooperative societies made huge investments in landed sites along the coast line for recreation during the summer season. These came to be known as “colonie des vacances” and prove to be ideal recreational spots for both adults as well as children. These locations are very similar to the American summer camps where people from various parts of the country come together for fun and entertainment.
It is worth stating that modern naturist resorts and nudist camps often cater to vacationers and cannot be considered as a community where nudist singles and nudist couples intend to live on a permanent basis. These places cater to families and demand an International Naturist Federation (INF) card as a sign of identification. Furthermore, these naturist locations also need to strictly enforce child protection policies.

Some of the common activities at these centers include sports and various other physical activities. Alternatively, there is also a concept of a naturist village where people who prefer the nudist lifestyle come to reside on a permanent basis.

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