Friday, November 21, 2014

Top Nude Beaches

The first thing you need to know about nude beaches is they are not about sex. The Naturist Society, which promotes clothing-optional recreation preaches that the human body is natural, not shameful. Indeed, most people are drawn to nudist lifestyle for its humane approach and not out of eroticism.

While clothing-optional beaches largely remain a taboo, there are a number of amazing nude beaches where you can meet nudists for friendship or even a long term relationship.

Where can you spend a nudist holiday?

While there are many places that cater to the unique needs of naturists, none can beat the comfort that a beach offers, where you can not only participate in water sports but also pay a few beach sports besides meeting new nudist friends. Here are a few nude beaches that are worth visiting:

•Little Beach, Hawaii: Known as the unofficial clothing-optional beach in Maui, this is an isolated place surrounded by high shrubs and volcanic rocks. Although nude sunbathing is illegal in Hawaii, the failure of local authorities to implement this rule has allowed a large number of nudists to take advantage of this beach. Swimming, whale watching and body surfing are some of the activities you can indulge in at this beach.

•Haulover beach, Florida: Situated to the North of Miami, this is one among the very few government sanctioned clothing-optional beaches in the United States. For several years, Haulover beach has been the favorite destination for the residents of Florida as well as snowbirds from Europe and Canada.

•Samurai Beach, Sydney: This lively beach is barely a 2.5 hour drive from Sydney. In order to reach this beach, travelers must cover a one mile tricky terrain where you’d find thick shrubs and rocks. Travelers are advised to pack adequate footwear when visiting this beach.

•Wreck beach, Vancouver: The beach was named to commemorate a vessel that once sank there. Wreck beach was Canada’s first government sanctioned, clothing – optional beach. This 3 mile long beach is also a nesting area for Bald Eagles, which is another reason people throng to this beach.

•Ocho Rios, Jamaica: The Couples Resort in Ocho Rios is an amazing place for naturists. 200 yards offshore, is a private island called Tower Isle where nudist travel partners can spend a day of nudity. Located on this island is a swimming pool, a cabana bar and of course, a pristine beach.

•Center Helio Montalivet Montalivet, France: If you are looking for an authentic nude beach, you should definitely visit this beach. In fact, this has been regarded as the birthplace of the international nudist movement. The complex houses over 1800 campsites, 172 bungalows, shops as well as facilities for sports, yoga and art.

The aforementioned beaches are some of the prime centers where nudists can travel to and meet like-minded nudists. These locations provide the right setting where you can indulge in some light-hearted activities.

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