Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Top 3 reasons for visiting a Nudist Resort

Nudist resorts are considered as one of the most desirable recreational destinations for people who prefer the nudist lifestyle (for both nudist couples and nudist singles). The increasing popularity and acceptance of nudism by people from all over the world has led to the development of a large number of nudist resorts in various cities across the globe.

While Mexico and the United States continue to be the favorite destinations for nudists, other nations such as Australia and Canada are not very far behind. These resorts aim to create a friendly and welcoming environment for nudists where they can spend time with their partners or make nudist friends.
Although there are innumerable‘clothing-optional’beaches, the number of nudist resorts are comparatively lesser. Nevertheless, if you love staying cloth-free, then a nudist resort can prove to be ideal holiday destination. Here are some of the reasons that would certainly convince you to visit a nudist resort.

1.Socialize with like-minded people: A nudist resort, regardless of where it is located it sure to attract a lot of nudists. In case you are heading on your maiden holiday as a nudist, there is no better place than a‘clothing-optional'resort. In addition to socializing and making new nudist friends, you can enjoy some delicious food. On the other hand, you could also engage in some fun activities and sports with other nudists.

Although first time nudists might find it a little awkward, spending some time in that environment would definitely make you acquainted with their culture.

2. Spend some quality time with your companion: Wouldn't it be great if you and your companion could spend a day or two without clothes? In the busy and monotonous city life, it is pretty difficult to lead a nudist lifestyle along with your partner. On a nudist resort, you can appreciate each others'beautiful bare bodies, without any fear of being judged.

In case you are a nudist single, this could be a great opportunity to find a compatible partner who shares similar interests with you.
3. A judgment-free atmosphere: While you might encounter all kinds of people, including ones who prefer wearing clothes at "clothing – optional" beaches, nudist resorts are completely void of such individuals. In fact, the only people you'd see wearing clothes are either the ones arriving at the resort or the ones leaving the place. Another advantage of visiting a nudist resort is you will never be judged based on your physical appearance.

One of the characteristic traits of members of the nudist community is that they do not judge others and accept everyone with open arms, regardless of race, caste, religion or place of residence.

While it is absolutely fine to visit a nudist resort, it is essential to follow certain etiquettes so as to gain acceptance of the nudist community, especially if it is your first visit.

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