Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nudist Dating Tips from True Nudists (1)

Date a nudist and discover what dating without games is like. Nudists tend to be complex people as they don't hide behind an image.

Here are some nudist dating tips from true nudists, I hope you have help.
1. Read profiles from top to bottom. (online nudist dating only)

If in the member's description they write continuously about sex, and sex partners, they are not "true nudists". Nudism is not about sex and erotica. Read what they say about the nudist lifestyle. That should tell you something right away. If you find someone interesting, and they are local and a nudist, meet them at a nudist club. You'll feel safe because your friends are there in an environment you are familiar with.

2. Choosing a good place for the first date.

It's not always good to take your first date to a nudist place. Show the inerest that you have that person by going to a normal place to actually get to know each other and listen to music and go dancing or maybe a movie. Earn the respect of the other person so they will feel comfortable with you anywhere not just there.
3. Do not tell a woman that you are a nudist at first date.

It's not a good idea to tell a woman that you're a nudist at the first date. It may make her uncomfortable. Or even give her the idea that all you want is sex. You have nothing but time. So give it just that.

4.Dress code for the first nudist date

First date, even for nudists, is most likely to be textile. You shouldn't go to an interview dressed like you're about to clear out asbestos - so dress for total impact and to impress. Make the best of what you've got and disguise what you haven't. That means not wearing tight T-shirts and jumpers that make a beer belly look like you're smuggling a basketball. Be aware of faux pas arrangements such as clashing primary colour, upturned collars, white socks with black shoes and rolling jacket sleeves up to the elbow. It's not 1987! If in doubt go for black, something slimming with a classic look. It's also a good idea to steer clear of any aftershave that might give the impression you've slept with a seal. A well kitted out guy looks as if he not only cares about himself but what the world thinks of him. Humor is also a good way to calm nerves and the combination of both, could be a winner!    

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