Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nudist Singles / First time to the nudist resort, from a non-nudist

I found an interesting post from a non-nudist blogger (Andy) and want to share with all nudist singles, especially for someone just curious about nudist life style.
After reading this, I believe you will want to find a nudist partner and go to the nudist colony / nudist resort with, let's starting from here, note the bold part:

1. Being naked in public is surprisingly complicated. For instance, if you normally keep your keys or phone in your pocket, where do you keep them if you’re not wearing pants?
2. Although there are a few resorts such as Hedonism in Jamaica that court swingers and promote promiscuity, most US nudist resorts actively seek to break the American culture's unfortunate link between nudity and sexuality. In American movies, magazines, and TV shows, nudity or even partial nudity (skimpy outfits and bikinis) are almost always used for sex appeal. In many other cultures, nudity is no big deal and not necessarily considered sexual.

I believe Americans'problems with pornography, promiscuity, teen pregnancy, and many other sexual issues are largely related to our unhealthy view of the human body. As a culture, we have made it into a sexual object rather than a beautiful, functional creation of God that serves as the temple for his Holy Spirit. After spending time at Bluebonnet and in similar settings, I can assure you (and Jenny would agree) that social nudity does NOT have to be sexual. In some cases it might actually be a turn-off.

3. Nudists don't run around nude all the time. When it's cold, they might wear a bathrobe. When it's sunny, they might wear a t-shirt with no pants. When a female nudist is working out, she might wear only a sports bra. One runner wore her yellow Baylor Cross Country t-shirt before and after the race. I think the guys who wear only shirts are the funniest.

4. Nudists are some of the friendliest people I've ever met. They tried hard to make us feel welcome and comfortable whether we were clothed or not.

5. As strange as it might seem to run around naked in front of strangers, you get over the initial awkwardness within a few minutes. After that, everyone becomes a regular person who just happens to be naked. I actually felt more comfortable around strangers there than I do fully clothed in a normal environment.

6. Before most of the runners showed up, Jenny and I reduced the average age by about half. Most of the regulars either live there full-time or visit only on the weekends and keep a camping trailer there. The vast majority are 45 or older. The male-female ratio might be 5:1. Some younger people and some women showed up for the race, but the 50-59 men's bracket still had more runners than the entire female division. The demographics intrigue me. Why not more people from my generation? Why not more women?

7. I never knew so many people had tattooes. I guess people often get tattooed where it won't show in a clothed setting. Jenny noticed that even in a nudist environment, people still find ways to personalize their appearance through tattooes, sarongs, hats, t-shirts, piercings, marker-applied smiley faces or pictures, and other means. One runner, a delightful 60-year-old woman, had the word SMILE written across her butt. The I only had a dot. Think about it…

8. A couple of nudist resorts in Florida host nude tennis tournaments. Several clubs organize nude 5K races. The race I did gave each runner and volunteer a free t-shirt. =)

9. Although the runners included some people who were in great shape, as a general rule, most people just aren’t that attractive naked, at least as the world defines the term. This was NOT “The Naked Mile” or “Girls Gone Wild”. One of the most liberating things about a nudist environment is that it gives you permission not to be a supermodel. You can simply relax and be Homer Simpson instead of feeling self-conscious because you’re not Matthew McConaughey.

10. Swimsuits are annoying! Guys suits are clingy. Girl suits are ridiculously overpriced and take forever for a girl to pick out the right one. Once you swim in them, your skin air-dries quickly, but your suit stays wet (and COLD) for a long time afterward. Skinnydipping solves all of these problems.

11. Being naked outdoors is good for the soul. Many believe the early church baptized people naked. Adam and Eve walked naked through the Garden with God before the Fall. It’s a great way to remind yourself to be real with God because you truly have nothing to hide. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!