Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nudist Dating! How?

Are you new to nudist dating? Regardless if you are returning to the dating game after many years have gone by, or that you have been dating for a while and are still looking for the person that is right for you. If your thoughts have been speaking to you and you would like to try dating a nudist in your area, and have had no luck. There is still hope, with a little guidance that can lead you towards the direction where you will find your true nudist soul mate.

Let us begin by simply having you pull your suit and shoes out of the closet, do not forget to iron that shirt, and give everything a spiff and a polish. Looking sharp is important, as you well know, it is regardless of whether you are clothed or a nudist. Dating a nudist does not mean, you meet your date in the nude, that would be a fun fantasy for a later date. At least not on the first date if or when it comes around, although there have been far few occasions that you will meet someone that will say, “Hey, why don't we meet at the nude beach or the club?”

It is very rare, and it is a big “if” on your first date with a nudist that they would ask such a question, unless you have known each other for a while, and have met at a nudist gathering spot. Wondering where the two of you should meet for the first time. Sometimes taking your date to a regular location (that would mean you are clothed), outside of the nudity scene is best, to get you started, think of a coffee shop maybe. Picking a quiet place will give you both the opportunity to get to know each other a little better, and plus, you will not be distracted by the surroundings that can spoil a good conversation.

Try to hold a normal conversation about anything, except for nudity on your first date, keep it out of your vocabulary. It is because you know that you are both naturist, you can talk about that later. There is very little to talk about when the subject is about nudity; maybe you can compare no tan lines verses tan lines, and that you have no tan lines (is that fun?), save it for later! For now, you should stick to the basics. Many times the other may think that all you have in mind would be, too just get into their pants or up their skirt, in some cases that can be true, and you will find a few situation like that when you are dating. Most nudists are looking for love, because it is difficult to find someone with the same intrest.

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