Thursday, May 30, 2013

Meet Single Nudist / Common sense tips for those having a nudist first date

For most of us, dating is a fun and exciting experience. It is something that we look forward to with much anticipation. Dating nudist can be equally rewarding although it brings up a complete set of safety concerns not all present in most other first dates as, unless you have decided to date in a nudist resort, it will be not be possible to have a nudist "cup of coffee" or a nudist "dinner" in a public place.

Also, when first dating someone that you met online, you and your date may not want to give out much personal information before your date. You may not even feel comfortable giving out your real name until you get to know your date.

Regardless, here is a list of some common sense things that you can do to feel more safe so that your nude dating experience will hopefully be a fun one:

1. When possible, date a "Verified Nudist." This individuals true identity is a matter of public record on this website. is one of the original nudist dating sites and is still one of the best with a user friendly interface and a large membership base. Highly recommended. They have 3000+ verfied nudist.

2. If you will not be dating a Verified Nudist, it is best to obtain at least one photo of your future date prior to your meeting where his or her face is clearly visible. Several different identifying photos are better.

3. Get a contact phone number before your first date and call your date on this number at least once before your date to verify the number.

4. Meet at a public place. Let's say that you have decided to go to a nude beach. Make sure that this beach is a place where there will be many other people and not some "great private spot" that your date "discovered."

5. Be very suspicious if someone other than the person you have pictured shows up for your date saying that his/her friend, cousin, etc., couldn't make it at the last minute, but that he/she agreed to stand in from them.

6. Have a few exit plans if things aren't going well, not only early in your meeting, but later as well. This could involve taking your own car even if it means following your date's car to your dating location.

7. Tell a trusted friend or family member where you'll be on your date and take a cell phone with you. Arrange to have them call you at a specific time if they have not heard from you.

Some more things to think about:

1. What will you say if your date wants to take revealing nude photos of you? Remember, they could end up on the Internet on any of a number of different types of websites.

2. Some "dates" actually use dating websites to contact potential customers for their webcam and/or sex businesses.

3. It is a good idea never to leave your drink unattended on a first date.

4. Finally, if things seem to be going great, it still goes without saying that one should always have protection available.

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