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7 facts about nudists and nudism

Nudism and nudists are two of the most misconceived subjects when lifestyle and dating are discussed. While some people consider nudists to be quite the wild lot, for some others nudism is a level of freedom they are reluctant or“too reserved” to explore.

Most misconceptions are forged because people do not have enough facts to set the record straight about a subject – and seeing as we are quite knowledgeable about nudists and nudism, we have compiled an article detailing 7 facts about nudists and nudism.


Nudism makes money

Compared to the global apparel industry which generates some $1 trillion per year, the nudist industry which includes nudist resorts, clubs, beaches, and more generates some $400 million each year. And while this divide is wide, nudism does make money!

Nudism before clothes

Seeing as clothing has become quite rampant, it is difficult now for people to imagine a world without clothes. However, clothes were only invented some 30,000-70,000 years ago – and in stark contrast to what it is today, clothing was used mostly for protection against the cold weather.

Before clothes became such a big deal, ancient Greek Olympics used to be performed completely naked – oh and sometimes, the Greeks went into battle completely unclad – and yes the won so many battles. Totally naked!

Romans were in on the action too with nude public baths. Even Americans like Benjamin Franklin, John Quincy Adams, John F. Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt, and Lyndon Baines Johnson.

Nudist children

Nudism is more a way of life than it is a life choice. For most people, the misconception that nudism is age specific makes them oblivious to the fact that nudist children exist.  Nudism is not innately about sex – and with an estimated 50% of the nudists globally below 18, nudism is far from being age-specific!

Nudist celebs

Celebrities and their fans have a leader-follower relationship seeing as many celebrities are considered role models. The fans tend to imitate their favorite celebs. And with famous actors and musicians like Helen Mirren, Uma Thurman, Kevin Bacon, PJ Harvey, Bruce Willis, Celine Dion, Matthew McConaughey, Alanis Morisette, Kate Hudson, Brad Pitt and Christina Aguilera joining the #nudegang,

Nude sports

While nudism during sporting activities makes a nudist far more vulnerable to genital injuries, nudists still get on just fine with water skiing, tennis tournaments, hiking, 5K races, badminton, ping-pong, and even nude yoga.

Nudists do not‘do it’ everywhere

The misconception that nudists are sex-crazed and open to doing it everywhere is one of the most belligerent nudism misconceptions.

Needless to say, this is absolutely untrue.

In fact, one of the primary rules of non-sexual nudist clubs or resorts enforces the prohibition of any exhibitionist and voyeuristic practice.  Flouting these rules could have a guest or even a member expelled.

So technically, a non-sexual nudist resort is pretty much like every other public setting – only, they are nude!

All nudists have great bodies!

This misconception is often used to discourage nudist enthusiasts.

The facts, on the other hand, show that nudism is centered on body positivity.
Nudism is open to all kind of body types, shapes, girths and sizes. Nudism appreciates toned muscles as well as flab.

Nudism is no beauty contest!

Well, here are 7 simple facts about nudists and nudism that you probably didn't know about!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Why People are into Nudist Lifestyle

Except you have been trapped in a cave in the lost city of Atlantis (we still are not sure if this even exists ), chances are that you are well aware that nudism is not only a thing, it is one that's gaining momentum and garnering "members" by the second! And by the looks of it, nudism and the nudist lifestyle have come to stay.

If you're wondering why anyone in their right senses would rather shed their clothes and walk around butt naked all day, regardless of whether you're staring or not…

Let's just say you've come to the right place.

We would like to start by saying that nudism goes beyond just jumping in the bathtub naked and waltzing around your room right after, without a towel. The nudist lifestyle absolutely beats.

Think of nudism as a permanent lifestyle, an ideology, you could even call it a state of mind.

Yes, some people prefer to live life naked, this means if they had their way they would shop naked, eat out naked, club naked, and probably even attend classes naked. Today, there is a teaming population of young people opting for the nudist lifestyle.

Yet…there's one tiny problem (sort of)

There are fewer young guys willing to practice nudism.


A possible reason for this would be the fact that younger people tend to be more willing to fit into the boxes society recommends for them. And if somehow by their assessment they are 'not good enough' they crawl into a shell and stay there. As a result, they are less accepting of their body and would prefer to cover it up every chance they get.

Nudism has loads of benefits that make it hard to stop once you go bare the first time. Some of which are:

• It cements your self-esteem and builds your confidence: If you are always naked or if you are confident enough to be naked in front of other naked people then it, of course, means that you have gotten to the stage where you have accepted your body the way it is.

This means you love yourself, stretch marks, warts, scars and all. And you are not scared of baring it all in front of other people either. If this is not confidence then I don't know what is.

• Chanel what?: Yes for the nudists the best fashion label is literally their skin. So while you spend on getting that Chanel coat or Gucci shirt they spend on other things that are probably even more necessary.

• What's the latest trend? Nah, not for me: Another perk of being a nudist is while other people constantly worry about whether or not their jeans are outdated or if their skirt is out of style, they enjoy the bliss of knowing that their skin is always in style. And will always be.

• Tones down the discrimination and cuts through supposed class boundaries: This is because you cannot tag a person 'rich' or 'poor' if you see them naked at a resort. Because they are naked you cannot tell how expensive their jacket is or how out of date their jeans are, at that point all you see is a human being as beautiful and as confident as you are.

As a matter of fact, people make more friends at nudist hangouts outside the parameters that clothes and fashion labels set for them in the outside world. Not to mention that being bare helps provide the much needed Vitamin D for your skin!

So there you have it, nude people aren't going crazy… they're just going naked and now you know why!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


A nudist is a person whose lifestyle is based on nudism (being completely stark naked) he is an individual who prefers to be in state of undress whether in within the confines of their house or otherwise. It is a state of being without cloths. It is sometimes referred to as naturism, nudism etc.

A nudist prefers to go about naked or cloths-free. He is not shy being naked in public places like a non nudist will be. There are some categories of persons who choose to go completely naked within the confines of their homes either alone or with members of their family.  This could be occasional or frequent and the most important part is that they enjoy doing so. Although they are called nudist, they may not be 24/7 naked as they are sometime sighted with cloths.

The nudity lifestyle has been practiced in diverse ways by many cultures all over the world. In western society nowadays, the act is most performed in the act of bathing, sauna and in swimming pools. It is very difficult to tell when exactly it started and where exactly it emanated from.  From facts gathered, nudists, naturalists engage in diverse activities like swimming, camping and karaoke and while they do this, they are completely naked.

Although the act is usually referred to as nudity or naturism or, the fact is that nudity is actual nudity while naturism is the philosophy behind it. Their philosophy is centered on the belief that they will be much more comfortable if they will live their life the way they want it without any obstruction or fear.  In their bid to get physical comfort, self acceptance, getting closer to nature, they decide to do what they do. Unlike a lot of people who spend so much on what they wear, a nudist is usually on the opposite side, focusing all his time money and exploring nature. They believe that it is a more natural way to live.

The naked yoga is one of the activities that nudists engage in, since being naked enhance this. There is this “wonderful feeling that accompanies yoga when those that are involved are naked”. Apart from the naked yoga, nudists also involve themselves in naked hiking.  Although hiking may not be associated with nudity, there are several nude hikers in existence.  Although many nudist hikers do wear boots, the braver once go as far as ones go barefooted.

Nudists are normal people; they are like you and me. Because they sometimes go naked, there is this erroneous perception that lesbianism, homosexuality and sexual harassment is somehow associated with them. No this is an error. They fact that people smoke doesn't mean that they are bad. It's a lifestyle so personally if I find someone who is a nudist and is ok caring enough to love me and accept me the way I am, then I am very sure that I will date him. Although I am personally not a nudist, I am of the opinion that their lifestyle should be respected.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

What's the feeling of being a true nudist?

Many people find it difficult to strip themselves in the presence of others. The only reason for this embarrassment seems to be the guilt that has been inculcated by a binding education, which considers the body and the sexual parts as something shameful. Nudity brings many physical and psychological benefits. It is an excellent learning in order to free oneself from shame, to enjoy simple pleasures, to find more authenticity in the relationship with others, to develop respect and benevolence towards others. It is also a sedative to sexual abuse. Nudist movements have been pioneers in this harmonizing and liberating experience.

Fіrѕt, bеіng a nаturіѕt іѕn’t about роrn nor is іt a perverted асt though sadly mаnу tеxtіlеѕ thіnk that wау аnd dееm іt аѕ ѕеxuаl or реrvеrtеd in nature. Nаturіѕtѕ ѕіmрlу еnjоу life lіvіng wіthоut bеіng rеѕtrісtеd bу сlоthіng whenever possible and are оftеn fоund nude doing everyday tasks such аѕ сlеаnіng, yard wоrk, раіntіng, rеlаxіng, wоrkіng or еvеn gaming.
Do you enjoy sunbathing? For most of us, exposing our skin to the rays of a not too intense sun is very pleasant and we like to undress as much as possible for this purpose. In your opinion, will your accreditation be greater if you devote yourself completely, assuming that you are alone in a place that no one will disturb? I am not talking here about your interest in integral tanning that clears the "spots", I’m drawing your attention to your sense of well-being. If this is your case, imagine that other naked people accompany you and also enjoy the sunbathing. This circumstance becomes more difficult to accept for many of us. Still, seeing naked people has become a fairly common thing, in movies, in magazines, or in many beaches. Little children get naked without even paying attention because it is a natural attitude. 

Who did not find himself more comfortable after removing his shirt in times of hot weather? Who has not tasted the pleasure of letting his naked skin bathe by the rays of the sun? Many people choose to go on holiday to the beach to enjoy the sun, water and air. Undressing presents the primary interest in providing people with a wonderful feeling of well-being and freedom. The skin and the body happily benefit from contact with the elements of nature, light, air, water, sand, earth.

At night when we take off our clothes, we clearly feel that we are freeing ourselves from hindrances, the elastics of panties, bras and socks, belts, and so on. But often we do it mechanically. It is excellent to stop our attention on these small sensations of well-being of everyday life, which are even fugitives. This allows us to better enjoy it and develops our capacity for pleasure and joy.

So why not take full advantage of this pleasure and freedom by exposing the whole body? Besides, the swimsuits are becoming tiny and tinier. Why do you want to keep these few square centimeters of stuff that let everything guess?

To many naturists,  bеіng naked is ѕіmрlу about being free frоm сlоthіng & not bе rеѕtrісtеd bу сlоthіng while уоu sleep, work, аnd рlау. They have done аll ѕоrtѕ оf ѕtuff wіthоut clothing аnd They wоuld bе nudе in their еvеrуdау life if ѕосіеtу аllоwеd it.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Try A Nude Vacation

Nudism/naturism is a social trend which is well on its way to becoming mainstream. There are millions of nudists and thousands of nudist resorts and restaurants with even more springing up in different countries around the world. So why should you try a nude vacation?

If you are not already a practicing nudist, my advice for you is to begin slow. You shouldn't just waking up one morning and go on a “Nakation” to a nudist resort.

You will most likely than not be booted out. You can begin by being naked in your room, then your house, with people you know, then you can try exploiting smaller and closer to home nudist resorts. The key is consistency, and let time do the rest.


There are several benefits that come with embarking on a nudist vacation. Firstly, going a nudist vacation plays a part in saving the planet. The textile industry plays a huge part in ozone layer depletion. The toxins and chemicals used in the manufacturing of clothes are hazardous to the environment. Hence by going on a nudist vacation, you play a part in saving the world.
Secondly, nudist vacations are more relaxing than ordinary vacations in which we remain clothed. How many times have you wished you could just bare it all at a vacation when the sun is over head? With a nudist vacation, you are more relaxed as the constraints imposed by clothing are taking away.

Thirdly, nudist vacations have been linked to health benefits. By being nude especially in the early hours of the morning, we allow our bodies to suck up natural vitamin D from the sun's rays. Also, doctors have associated working barefoot as a means of avoiding Alzheimer's disease. So why not become one with nature?

"Going naked is great for healthy skin," plastic surgeon and skincare expert Dr. Michael Fiorillo say: "It helps the elimination of sweat toxins that clothing can reintroduce to the body and better overall blood circulation."

Going on a nude vacation is an effective form of saving. Think of how much you spend on cloths when planning to go on a vacation. Well with a nude vacation, you could significantly cut your vacation cost by saving on cloths you would have bought.

So you have made up your mind to go on a nude vacation, what if you do not have a partner? How do you get one?

Having a partner with whom to go on a vacation is very important. Solo vacations more often than not turn out to be a bore. A majority of nudist resorts admit single ladies, but not single men. Hence having a partner is very crucial for single nudist men hoping to visit such resorts. Here are some ways through which single nudists can find a partner with whom to go on a nude vacation.

Nudist sites are the number one means through which single nudists can meet a partner with whom to go on a nudist vacation. Most nudist sites have single nudists who are looking for partners, either to have a relationship with or to go on a vacation with. Is with all virtual relationships, it is crucial that you first meet the person at a public place, as well as learn about the person and talk about your interests. In this way, you will be sure to choose the right person for the vacation.

As earlier stated, most nudist resorts allow for single females, but not for single males. A nudist resort could therefore be a great place for single nudist men to meet a partner with whom to go on a vacation.

Nudists are generally very friendly. If you have got a nudist friend, chances are he/she will happily join you on a nude vacation, or recommend another nudist friend to you who will be thrilled at the opportunity.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Nothing feels quite as refreshing and fun as running greenback naked outdoors, specifically if it's a warm sunny day with minimal breezes. 

California is called the 'home of the fruits, flakes and nuts' - in addition to the liberal minded, destiny intellectualizes, and nude, happy naturists and also a single nudist. If you wish to be naked and enjoying your real nakedness move beside people who are cool with it, California nudists are people for you to check out.
Almost all nudists in California who are single are similar to other single people around the world who are still searching for that ideal companion, someone they can spend the rest of their lives with. But to obtain that aim, there might be a few rounds of naked frog kissing involved. Since courting may be a traumatizing event all by itself, adding nudism to the mix will be daunting.
So, how can single nudist find a date in California? Here are some ideas:
• Nudist Parks would be the first notion, however, in case you are a single male, tread lightly. Some parks require single men to be a member of AANR for like a minimum 12 months before becoming a member. Before you go, acquire more information from the park you want to visit. If you are already a member of a nudist resort or park, you should know what the rules are. Just be yourself and continue to make new buddies. One of them may later be an ideal mate.
• Online nudist dating sites, which cater to the naturist way of life, have sprung up in the last couple of years; and a brief search brings up over 2 million results. Dive in; however, be cautious-lot of things are not what they appear while dealing with online dating even for nudists.  I would especially like to recommend which is launched since 2001 and have over 816,000 nudist members!
• Family and pals, who might be aware of your way of life choices, might be capable of introducing you to new people. If you visit a nude park often and you are a member, ask friends in the park if they might introduce you to another single nudist. They can be your gold ticket to meeting the man or woman of your dream.
• Attend nudist activities. Most nudist parks and resorts in California have a lot of fun social activities scheduled all year through even all through the winter period; register for their mailing list and attend some occasions. Have you ever tried horseback driving, dancing, or bowling in the nude? Not only will you have an awesome time, but you might also possibly even meet that ‘special someone’ in the event.
It all comes right down to being yourself and not settling for something much less than what you want. There are couples which have met, dated, and married later in life after then discovered social nudism by a twist of fate. There are also young nudist parents who are gradually bringing their youngsters in this healthy lifestyle. Still, both sets of couples share the same thing they are gladly living their life in the nude with the only one they love. Why not skinny dip in the nudist dating pool you may not find a suitable partner if you are not searching.


De Anza Springs Nudist Resort
·         1951 Carrizo Gorge Road
·         Jacumba, CA 91934
·         Phone: 619-766-4301
Lupin Naturist Club
·         20600 Aldercroft Heights Road
·         Los Gatos, California 95033
·         Phone: 408-353-2250
Sequoians Clothes Free Club
·         10200 Cull Canyon Road
·         Castro Valley, CA 94552-9551
·         Phone: 510-582-0194      
Deer Park Nudist Resort
·         1924 Glen Helen Road
·         San Bernardino, California 92407
·         Phone: 909-880-0803
Glen Eden Nudist Resort
·         25999 Glen Eden Road
·         Corona, California 92883
·         Phone: 951-277-4650
Laguna Del Sol
·         8683 Rawhide Lane
·         Wilton, California 95693
·         Phone: 916-687-6550
Living Waters Naturist Spa
·         13340 Mountain View Road
·         Desert Hot Springs, California 92240
·         Phone: 760-329-9988
Olive Dell Ranch
·         26520 Keissel Road in Reche Canyon
·         Colton, California 92324
·         Phone: 909-825-6619

As you can see, there are several nude events and adventures to explore in the great state of California.  There aren't many places around the world that provide the same level of lovely climate, social acceptance, and superb natural surroundings to enjoy being in the buff.
So whether or not you stay in California or just plan to go to someday for a date, move out and enjoy beaches, warm spring, and spas on your birthday suit!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


 Lets's face it!

Older Nudists – Why are most of the people that participate in nudist usually old or mileage people? Is it because of the natural development of things? Can we get more young nudists involved? Or will nudism be dominated by older nudists forever?

Younger Nudists – Despite whether or not you attend an organized nudist event or just visit a nude beach, you are almost guaranteed to see that majority of today's nudists are over the age of 40. Sure, you'll find a few younger nudists out there as well, but the fact of the matter is that the crucial demographic of nudists is a dominated by the aging population.

This age disparity is not that it is only old people that are interested in nudism.
It is because when younger people eventually attend a nudist occasion, and they see who the majority of individuals are, it truly confirms their worst fears.

That nudism does not fit their lifestyle in view that it is only for mileage or old people. So they may be cast off and have a tendency not to return. The truth is all old nudists started out young. They are just stuck with it long enough to enjoy it when they are old.

So in case you are young and can get over the fact that you'll see a lot of disheveled bodies, please don't be depressed.

While there's no particular reason of why most nudists are over the age of 40, there are a couple of strong cultural influences that look to be at work. One of the reasons why there are notably few nudists who are young is most of the individuals who are still energetic in the nudist community today have been influenced by way of diverse political and cultural movements that occur during the 20th century.

As new generations emerge into a society that is not immediately affected by way of those movements mature into the more young adults of these days, there's a far smaller part of the population which have been uncovered to the type of ideas that could encourage a person to consider nudism.

As tempting as this argument can be, it's also vital to understand that there have regularly been older nudists that participated in nudist organizations than younger individuals. Granted, the contrast is more striking in recent years than it once was, however, younger people have by no means dominated any of the essential nudist organizations.

However, they are always seen at their local public nudist beach. It appears that the culture divide may just be growing the impact of forces that have always kept most of the people far away from thinking about nudism until they're into their forties.

People don't think about nudism as a“cool” thing to be involved in. Its image has not been adapted to the twenty-first century, and nevertheless, it looks like it's made for older people. Nudism is likewise lacking an online presence, and nudist websites are mostly archaic, obsolete and clunky. Some nudist clubs and resorts are facing difficulty getting any new participants, let alone young people.

Many younger ladies and men wilt skinny dip at least once in their life gone to a nude beach. But whether or not they may label themselves naturists and end up an active member within the community, only time will tell.